ILA Context and Description

This blog focuses on the critical evaluation of my Information Search Processes (ISP) that support an art-based Information learning activity (ILA); which is self-designed and delivered as a part of the Learning Nexus unit. The overriding context for this inquiry into information gathering and use, is a class of Year 8 Indigenous students who will be assigned a research based project on  an aspect of  traditional or contemporary Aboriginal art.

Through my investigations into the theoretical and practical application of  Inquiry models and information search processes, it remains essential that the literacy capabilities of my students be a consideration. The  greater number of my students are predominantly below the state average in literacy attainment when compared to non-Indigenous students of the same age, but are above the state average of literacy capabilities amongst similar aged Indigenous students. They are therefore, at a juncture where an appropriate inquiry model or combination of,  may elevate the potential of becoming inquisitive and self motivated learners. Similarly, I will be looking to  investigate models that  introduce the process of information inquiry in a non convoluted, well structured manner to invoke an appetite for  deeper understanding of the topic. This research project will  consist of 6-8 lessons across both terms 3 and 4. Whilst there will be no TL involved in the process, I will deliver the project myself using resources to be found in the art room, the school library, the computer room and an excursion to the Queensland Art Gallery.


Figure 1: “Baramundi Dreaming” (Detail) Acrylic on canvas 120 x190cm. By one of my Year 9Art students.



One thought on “ILA Context and Description

  1. This is a great insight into your students current ability level and how inquiry learning may assist them. Also the mind map for this exercise makes it more obvious what you are thinking before you are planning, what a great idea. I will be considering the ability levels for my students BEFORE I choose activities for them in the future as not just against the national level but their peer level, I think this helps gauge where they are able to start from. Thank you for that insight!

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